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Manage Risk Through Understanding

Risk Is an Asset: Turning Commodity Price Uncertainty into a Strategic Advantage

Risk is a fact of life. We encounter it everyday, whether we think about it or not. From driving a car to the decisions we make with our money, we are constantly negotiating the range of possibilities from good to bad outcomes. The gap between a “good” outcome and a “bad” outcome is where we find risk. While many typically consider risk a liability, authors and partners at Risked Revenue Energy Associates, Wayne Penello and Andrew Furman have developed a revolutionary approach to hedging called Process Risk Management that transforms commodity price risk into a corporate strategic advantage.


Wayne Penello & Andrew Furman

Wayne Penello is the CEO, president, and founder of Risked Revenue Energy Associates (R^2 or “R squared”). Since 2001, his firm has been developing financial solutions for corporations and private equity firms whose success is dependent upon their effective management of commodity price risk. He has forty years of market-making, option-trading, and asset-management experience in the energy and related industries.

A risk-management and financial-engineering expert, Andrew Furman received a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from MIT. “After MIT provided me with a great education to be an engineer, the tremendous prospect of being a floor trader lured me to Wall St. and later into the field of risk management,” Andrew says. Andrew Furman now has over thirty-five years of experience in energy and trading. After serving as a managing director at two hedge funds, he assisted in the growth of R^2 through the deployment of its patented analytics.

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Risk Is An Asset

Risk Is an Asset: Turning Commodity Price Uncertainty into a Strategic Advantage is the latest work from Wayne Penello and Andrew Furman. The book details the patented risk management approach that has set their firm—Risked Revenue Energy Associates—apart from competitors. Their process, known as Process Risk Management (PRM), uses objective, market-based volatility observations to provide businesses with estimates of budgetary risk measured as a cost for consumers and revenues for producers. By measuring risk in budgetary terms, PRM helps each firm to maintain focus on its own success, keeps risk within acceptable limits and avoids the trap of trying to outguess the market. For an inside look at PRM and guidelines on how to best adapt it to your business, get your copy of Risk Is an Asset today!


“Effective risk management is not a decision, it is a process.”

It’s time to change how your business thinks about risk. Risked Revenue Energy Associates partners, Wayne Penello and Andrew Furman, shepherd audiences out of the morass of uncertainty that often leads to bad decisions, and shines a light on the opportunity that risk presents when it is managed with a repeatable, proven process. Stop playing the market guessing game and turn risk into an asset for your business.

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